Bloodline by Tara Ellis


I received this book from author Tara Ellis in exchange for an honest review.

Sixteen year old Alex and her family is part of a crowd watching the Holocene meteor shower when there is an impact very close to them. Panic ensues, and everyone flees back to their houses. Inexplicably, Alex’s mom starts sneezing that night, and some of her neighbors develop the flu. Alex and her younger brother stay healthy and start noticing odd behavior from those who are ill—including their mom. 80% of the world develops this flu like illness, which is followed by strange behavior. Alex fears for her own life; since she didn’t become sick, she is now a target.

As she struggles to find the reasons for the flu and evade being discovered as still healthy, she encounters a diary left by her father, who was killed while on vacation in Egypt. He apparently knew that this meteor shower was going to have bad consequences, and left clues on how to combat the evil . She must decipher hieroglyphics, protect her brother Jake, and learn who she can trust. Not everything is as it seems.

With the help of her schoolmate Chris, Alex and Jake leave their city and hide away in their family cabin in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Alex must find the anti-virus and save the world. Can she do it?

This book captured my interest right away, since I’m a fan of plague and pestilence. Bloodline is not your typical zombie flu storyline, but rather a poignant story of a teenage girl still mourning her dad, still feeling connected to him through his journal. The sense of isolation and bleakness really shines through here, as author Tara Ellis accurately captures Alex’s thoughts and fears. Even though this is advertised as a YA novel, adults will enjoy this easy yet intriguing read. Portions of the book evoked The DaVinci Code, as the group follows clues and races against time. I also liked that the relationship between Chris and Alex seemed authentic, with a hint of teenage awkwardness and shyness.

Plot twists are not obvious, and I found myself eagerly racing through the book to see what was going to happen next. I just loved how Alex’s mom got sick and how her personality changed—super creepy!

The ending of Bloodline answers some questions, but not all, and leaves the story open ended.  Heritage is the second book of the Forgotten Origins trilogy, and the final novel, Descent, will be published on September 30, 2014. Click the title if you want to get your own copy…highly recommended!

Watch my blog for an EXCLUSIVE Q&A session with author Tara Ellis…coming soon!!



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